The design of everyday things

I received my books yesterday and have now started reading The design of everyday things by Don Norman. This book is one of the most famous and recommended book about UX design and interaction design. Don Norman has studied cognitive science, which is exactly what I’m going to university for this autumn so hopefully this book will even give me some more insight about what I will be learning.

Updates will come when I’ve finished the book 🙂



I am an 18 year old aspiring UX and interaction designer from Sweden, Gothenburg. I’m creating this blog to share, write and document my progress with web design. This year I’ll start attending university to study Cognitive science and Interaction design here in Gothenburg.

The skills I want to have mastered in 5 years are:

  • – HTML5 and CSS3
  • – JavaScript and JQuery
  • – Programs like Sketch and Illustrator
  • – The ability to do user research and prototypes for wire frames
  • – Developed more knowledge in UI design and graphic design

By the time I finish university I hope to have been able to code and design my own portfolio website, done multiple projects on my own and hopefully have at least done one project for hat have gotten me paid.

I hope this journey will go well and that this blog may in the future inspire someone!