UI Tutorial: How To Place Your UI Design In A Mock-up (with Photoshop)

This is my first YouTube video and I would be very thankful if you guys supported me by Subscribing or liking my video!

I frequently get questions from friends and on Instagram on how I place my designs in Mock-ups (in devices like iPhones and Laptops and different environments). It’s very easy so I wanted to share how I do it in a short video.

Hope you guys liked it and that it was helpful!


Task of 2019: To build my Personal Brand online

Or at least try. And the above figure will be my first personal logo.

I’ve been interested by the idea of freelancing as a designer for the longest time and one of the first things I read about was the skill to create your personal brand and marketing yourself through social medias. Running a blog, an Instagram, Dribbble and Youtube channel. Attracting a community and following to be able to influence other designers around the world.

So I thought, why not? I should try. It’s now one of my goals for 2019 (along with starting a small company). Even if I don’t end up wanting to freelance full-time I’ll still probably appreciate being able to share my designs to many people and being able to reach out and talk to designers situated around the world.

I started posting my designs on Instagram three months ago and surprisingly I’ve already reached 1000 followers and I’m getting multiple DM’s every day already by other designers or aspiring ones. The community is incredibly helpful and consists of so many driven and ambitious people that I’m more motivated than ever to be like them.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated as my journey moves on…

The design of everyday things

I received my books yesterday and have now started reading The design of everyday things by Don Norman. This book is one of the most famous and recommended book about UX design and interaction design. Don Norman has studied cognitive science, which is exactly what I’m going to university for this autumn so hopefully this book will even give me some more insight about what I will be learning.

Updates will come when I’ve finished the book 🙂

Made my design reality


Today for the first time, using the brackets program, I programmed my own web design idea. I turned my design for an app that shows the time for sunrise and sunset to a real webpage. (The design is shown in the picture to the left). I feel like this was a big step for me to becoming a more skilled web designer. I don’t want to be stuck at just being able to designing, I also want to be able to create the things I design.

Down below are screenshots from the website.

(I wanted to be able to link the working page here but I have no idea yet where and how to upload code for free and be able to view them live)



This week I learned about how to use Mock-ups with photoshop to display my app designs on “real life” phones.


It’s something that I’ve always thought looked so cool and advanced but surprisingly, it was very easy to do! I will definitely use this technique in the future to display all of my design. Hopefully I will always learn how to be more creative with it.

Sunrise and sunset

I finished another UI/UX project today and I am very satisfied with the result. Here it is!


This time I didn’t use anything for inspiration but it worked out really well anyway. Sketch is getting even more easy to use right now and I’m trying to think outside the box and be creative with my design. If I do a couple of hundred more small projects like these I’m sure it’ll start looking amazing! I think I’ll try to code this design soon in the future with HTML&CSS but I’ll wait until I learn more Javascript so I can try to incorporate that too.

I’ll continue reading a little more in my book about Javascript (even though I find it quite difficult).

Have a nice day!

UX for Lean Startups by Laura Klein

Right now I’m reading UX for Lean startups by Laura Klein. The book teaches about Lean UX design and how you should research and test out your hypothesis before actually implenting them on actual websites. This is in order to avoid spending huge amount of money on building something that won’t work or benefit you in reality.

This is the first book I’m reading that goes into the practice of UX design rather than you describing what it is. So, I’m hoping that it will teach me something and I will post another update when I’m done with it!

Happy reading!