Front-end dev and UX/UI designer

I have thought much about what I want to focus on within web design. Many articles say that UX/UI designers don't need to know any programming/coding at all, but others say that it is meriting to know some coding on top of design. All in all though, UX, UI and front-end dev all go hand in hand. … Continue reading Front-end dev and UX/UI designer


The design of everyday things

I received my books yesterday and have now started reading The design of everyday things by Don Norman. This book is one of the most famous and recommended book about UX design  and interaction design. Don Norman has studied cognitive science, which is exactly what I'm going to university for this autumn so hopefully this book will … Continue reading The design of everyday things

Codecademy – Javascript

I finished the course on Codecademy yesterday for learning Javascript and I think that I have a fairly good understanding of how the basics of Javascript works now. The next thing I will do is to finish my book on Javascript by John Duckett and to also try to code more website where I use Javascript. … Continue reading Codecademy – Javascript


Made my design reality

Today for the first time, using the brackets program, I programmed my own web design idea. I turned my design for an app that shows the time for sunrise and sunset to a real webpage. (The design is shown in the picture to the left). I feel like this was a big step for me to becoming a more … Continue reading Made my design reality


Brackets programming software

Today I found out about Brakcets, which is a software that you can use to code/program. I was very happy to find this and to find out how easy it was to use. It also comes with the function to live view the things you code on a web browser, which is really good when … Continue reading Brackets programming software


UX for Lean Startups – Laura Klein

I just finished reading the book UX for Lean Startups by Laura Klein. It had a lot of good information, mostly about how to do user research and testing out hypothesis before designing using either qualitative or quantitativ methods. I didn't know much about this way of working before I read this book. The book also teached about … Continue reading UX for Lean Startups – Laura Klein


Bought 4 UX/UI books

Today I decided to buy 4 books about UX and UI that I have read a lot about on reddit and other blogs. I'm thinking that I will read these + learn javascript during this summer before I start studying at university. About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design Don't make me think by Steve Krug … Continue reading Bought 4 UX/UI books